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What are the best positions for Dominatrix London?

Technically, any posture (or practically any) can be used, but which ones are the best? Especially if you are starting to explore anal sex. With hundreds and hundreds of sexual positions described in the Kamasutra (or rather, Dominatrix London a few positions with countless variations and adjustments) it is not surprising that there are always people so interested in learning new ways of having sex; However, we are surprised by how little is usually said about the best positions to enjoy anal sex.

Cowgirl’s sexual posture

If this is one of the positions most enjoyed by women, it is because it allows you to control the speed and depth of penetrations, and that is especially important if you want to start anal sex and want to do it with some security. Straddle your partner during anal sex should not be a problem, just place your knees to the side of his body, on the mattress, and you are in control. If you find that when he is excited he accelerates and you lose control, use a rope to show restraint.

If you want the scene to be more intimate, Dominatrix London let your partner sit against the headboard so that you are face to face. In this way they can help you establish a rhythm with your hands on your buttocks and you can surround them with your legs.

The missionary sexual posture

Some may dismiss the missionary stance as “boring” or too “vanilla,” but a few tweaks to nothing can make it one of the most exciting in the repertoire.

Ideal positions for anal sex

For starters, put a few cushions under your ass to create a better angle, or else lift your legs up and wrap them around your partner (you can also put them on his shoulders, but then he’s not the missionary anymore). From there, it all depends on how hot the environment is and how it can get even hotter. Do you need examples? Well saying a few sissies in the ear can speed things up, using fragrances and oils while you massage each other is also a guarantee of success. The limit is your imagination.

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