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The puppy’s sexual Dominatrix London posture

No list of positions for anal sex is complete without the doggy position; in fact, it is the position that many start anal sex with.

This posture is as good as any other, but newcomers (in this case they), must control at all times the speed and force with which they penetrate, and not attack like crazy. This position is very primary and animalistic, and it is very easy to lose control in this way, even the most experienced can feel discomfort or pain when their partner has penetrated them too soon or too hard. As we always say, communication is the key; once you have established a rhythm that you feel comfortable with, just keep it up and enjoy it to the fullest.

It is not only used for vaginal sex. The answer to this question is clear… No! The doggy pose is ideal for anal sex for obvious reasons. The anus is in the upper part and it is very easy to start penetration. Remember that to practice anal sex you should always use a good anal lubricant to avoid possible injuries that may occur with penetration. It is also great for oral sex. Many people love the image of their partner in that position while they perform oral sex.

This is also a very good position to spank those buttocks, so if you dare to try some spanking, come in and check out our whips for a good BDSM session.

Things You Didn’t Know About Doggy Posture

This position is worldwide and a lot has been said about it. It is so famous that songs have even been made about the doggy posture. In Sexydream we tell you some things about this position that you probably did not know.

Stimulate the G-spot . The doggy position is one of the best if what you want to stimulate is the G-spot. With the position you adopt when practicing it, the penetration becomes much deeper and more pleasant.

It is one of the oldest. Believe it or not, this posture has been practiced since the time of the Greeks and Romans. Works of art have been found in which the position is represented, literature in which it is described and even the philosopher Lucretius recommended its practice because it is one of the sexual positions that give more pleasure. If it has continued to practice after so many years, it will be for a reason.

It is known by various names. It is known to practically the entire animal world. In addition to being known as the doggy posture, it is known for the posture of the horse, camel, giraffe… The entire zoo.

It has many versions. In the same way that it is not only used for vaginal sex, it does not have a single version either. The puppy not only stays in the classic version, it can also be practiced on its side, standing or completely lying down. Try them all and see which version you like the most.

It is the favorite of men. It has always been said that this is the preferred position for sex for men. And so it is. The reasons are simple. The first for the pleasure they feel when penetrating in this position, is deeper and with more contact with the vaginal walls than with others. The second reason for the image they have of their partner while they are practicing this position, which makes them very morbid. Also, it makes them feel like they are in control.

Few practice it. The bad news for men is that few couples have sex in this position. According to a study, 44% of men admit to doing the doggy pose regularly and 36% of women admit it. To a large extent the fault lies with the myths and stereotypes that have been made of this sexual position.

It is prohibited in Washington DC. Incredibly, the doggy pose cannot be practiced in the capital of the United States. If you are going to visit the city try not to use it, you are not going to have any problem with the law for doing the puppy. Of course, no one has to know.

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