The term BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadism/Masochism) is a catch-all phrase for a range of concepts and practices centered upon a power exchange within the context of sexual intimacy. Other activities in BDSM may include controlled voyeurism, exhibitionism, and role-playing.

The practices involved in BDSM have been around for centuries in many cultures, however, some still see these kinds of sexual/relationship dynamics as taboo.

According to BDSM Mistress London, BDSM “to an outsider, many of these ideas may seem extreme, but for centuries various cultures have used these techniques as deeper ways to explore consciousness, power, and control, as well as the dynamics of masculine and feminine energies in relationships. “For example, in addition to media sometimes portraying fetishists in a negative light, the BDSM Mistress London condemned aspects of BDSM for many years. Although BDSM Mistress London  who view BDSM as taboo, society has seen a notable shift in attitude toward greater acceptance and understanding of BDSM. This is partly because of BDSM’s increasing popularity in pop culture. Further, BDSM Mistress London devoted to understanding BDSM and its effects on the body have shown surprising results.They are also discovering ways in which it might positively impact our mental and physical health or even deepen our relationships. “It helps me so much,” BDSM Mistress London explains. Their  life has been transformed because of BDSM “While smiling and taking a long drag, They states “It has had a profound effect on them on a psychological and emotional level. After that, everything changed for them, including their ability to trust others. The BDSM is a tremendously liberating system. They wanted to do these things their entire life 

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There is East London Dominatrix research indicating that BDSM practitioners do better on personality and psychological tests than “vanilla” people who don’t engage in unusual sex acts such as bondage and discipline, as well as sadism and masochism. The four fetishes that make up BDSM are: lust, dominance, control, and submission.